The storm door...and moments captured.

When my little one is missing, I know where to find him (most of the time).  His new favorite hangout.  Perched against the storm door, a watchful news reporter, watching whatever is going on outside. Given you cannot see the road from our house, a squirrel, butterfly or flowers may be that which is capturing his attention. Or catching his daddy coming home.  That's pretty exciting too. 
And there often is a pet or two by his side. No matter what is going on, these sites always make me stop.  And smile.
What's been making you smile lately?
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  1. How adorable! Our dogs run to greet daddy at the door. I asked my husband what he'll do when he has three small dogs AND the baby running to greet him. They'll knock him over! :)

    ((I'm mah482 from the crafts board))

  2. Can't get any better than being knocked over in love! :)



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