The Beginning of Fall at our Home

After a quick fall morning run, I peek into the stroller, and this is what I find: 
I grab my camera, setting out to capture the fall changes while my little one was napping.  I admire fall blooms of aster, Japanese lanterns, mums and Japanese sunflowers, still wet from yesterday's showers.

I appreciate the bugs and all their little details of perfection (yes, I'm an insect lover).
I notice the last of the garden waiting to be preserved and the beginnings of the fall crops waiting their turn for preserving too. 

I wander back to my little one, thinking of what to do next while he's slumbering. Shall I get started on preserving?  Should I work on our little one's new fall coat? (pictures to come)  Should I make my husband (another) apple crisp? Collect eggs?  Begin the fall transplanting of the flower beds? (what grand plans I have for new gardens)
But that slumbering boy has been awoken (again) by a train. Which he lets us know by signing train (shown below) hourly, even in the middle of the night. In fact, even between those hourly train whistles (who knew the train went by hourly?!), we talk about trains, at his request. I scratch all of my plans, pick up that little angel of mine, and we head inside to read some book about trains (again).   Sometimes my plans are cancelled out by my little helper.  And that's just fine by me.

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