Slow Down Summer!

It always seems like Labor Day weekend is the grand finale of summer before fall commences.  Yes, it's a weekend of excitement.  Dreaming of school, pumpkins, apples and sweaters. Organizing backpacks and taking the tags off new school clothes. Trying to convince ourselves that it will be good to get back into a routine and schedule (ha!). 

But it's also the 'last chance of summer' weekend, not to be overlooked.  A time to savor and re-live your favorite warm weather activities once more, appreciating them, cherishing them, before they sink into memories of summer.  This weekend, we're...

Playing in the grass.
Appreciating the small creatures (and *trying* to be gentle).
Waving at whatever moves (for this is always my little one's plan for the day).
Playing fetch with our sweet girl.
And some more giggles.  Can't get enough of those.
Hope you are savoring your last little bit of summer....
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