Naptime Bag

When I was a little girl, I had many ideas.  I'm sure some overwhelmed my parents, but that was me.  It was time for kindergarten and I really wanted to make something to bring.  So, my grandmother helped me sew this nap bag.  It contained my blanket, mat and pillow and stayed in my cubby throughout the week.  She helped me sew two pieces up like a pillow case, fold over and stitch the top for the drawstring (leaving an opening for the drawstring), loop the drawstring through the top and tie the ends.  Voila!  She even let me pick a button treasure to use as an embellishment (oh the joy!).  I found it, still with the naptime contents and still with my name, clearly printed by my mom.

While right now, my little one doesn't need a tote-able nap bag for kindergarten, I thought of a way I can use this handy little nap bag now.  I'm going to create softies or stuffed animals representing various nursery rhymes.  Before nap, he can choose a softie from the bag. We'll sing the song/read the book and then he can take corresponding softie for a nap with him.
I'm going to keep track of the softies I make and share them with you.  I have hopes of creating patterns, but we shall see how organized I am when I create.

I'm going to use this Puppy Crinkle Toy that I made before as the first one.  It will correspond with the song "How Much is that Doggie in the Window".  

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