Our Chickens

The girls have arrived and are settled in.  They've been here 6 days so far.  My dad is totally going to tease me for taking pictures of chickens, but you've asked...so here they are...
We have 11 in all.  3 Rhode Island Reds.  2 Comets.  3 Barred Rocks.  3 Aracanas.
Here's a peek into the coop.  On the left are the nesting boxes I made.  On the right is the self feeder bin I made.  And the floor is a big bottle with a hole poked in the bottom and a pie plate to catch the water.  All supplies for said chickens...made...for free.  Because I'm cheap.

They're all settled in quite nicely.
My husband and I were outrageously excited when we spotted the first egg.  Here it is below.  We've got close to a dozen in less than a week.  Not bad. 
Stay tuned for spring...when we hope to have some babies to raise.  

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