One year ago today....

One year ago today, my husband and I set out with our brand new little baby on our first day trip. He was only 12 days old.  My husband had the month off from work and I was determined to enjoy that time, not just as new parents, but as a family.   Exhausted from sleeplessness, swollen and sore from birthing, trying to ignore the mess of a house, but feeling happier than I ever had in our life. We packed up the car with a picnic and mounds of baby gear (did we really need that much stuff for a day?!) and headed north.  No real plans, but off we went.  We were a family.  We were parents.  We had a son.  Who was perfect, oh so perfect.  We ended up at Portland Headlight.  We parked.  We wandered.  Breathed the sea air.  Listened to the waves.  Watched sailboats. Had a picnic. Admired our son, who snuggled close to mama, relaxed in daddy's arms.  As we were rounding the corner of the lighthouse, my wonderful husband looked at me. We each had a tear in our eye.  No words were needed. A tiny moment that was so very special and unforgettable. We smiled, he took my hand.  And off we walked.  I know each of us were thanking God for the insurmountable blessings bestowed upon us.  Happy and humbled.  What a perfect combination.

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