Play Kitchen Part 8: Play Cupcakes

Onward in my plight in furnishing our little play kitchen area... Play cupcakes.  (I *heart* them!)
Here's a run down of the rest of the kitchen accessories, in case you missed them:
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Anyway, back to those cupcakes.  Did I mention that I love them?  Cupcakes are an important part of my diet, so it's equally as important to have them accessible in the play area, right?  I thought so too. 
 I got the idea from the Country Living magazine, where they used cookie cutters to make pin cushions.  I had these cute little tiny tart containers hanging got me thinking about cute little cupcakes.  I was just going to hot glue some fabric in the tins, until I saw this tutorial from pinterest to make the cathedral window block.  When I saw it, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my cupcake idea. 

Here's what the finished blocks looked like:
 Then I gathered the corners and sides with a quick, lose stitch, stuffed them, then hot glued them to the tart tins.

Then I served them up...
to an eager little boy who was excited to have a cupcake party with Earl the bear, his cat and his baby doll.
I love the little spread he set up, complete with my great-great grandmother's silver dish.  Plus, he likes to have flowers on the table (just like his mama).  This flower is from the play flower garden I made him a bit ago.  I just love discovering how kids set their play up.
This generous little boy even shared with his mama.  I think these cupcakes are a *sweet* success.
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