Our 18 month old

I started a tradition...every 6 months writing down some particulars about our little guy.  I thought I'd do it on the blog instead of random scraps of paper I did the last couple times around, that I never put where they go.  So...here goes...Happy 18 months, little guy!
First of all, I bribed you to get these pictures.  "If you say 'cheese', I'll give you two chocolate chips".  You're tired of the paparazzi following you.

You love all things transportation.  Trains, cars, trucks, buses, planes, etc etc etc.  Mama may get tired of reading the same transportation books, but you never do.

You have more than 100 words and signs, and you're just beginning to combine words.  Your favorite word as of lately?  'Mama'.  Music to my ears.

You love animals and do more than a dozen animal sounds.  When we ask you what sound Harley the Cat makes, you instantly make a hairball sound.

You love other kids and your hugs sometimes knock them over.

You've decided walking is overrated, and running is more fun.  You also insist you can do the balance beam and you can do the slide all by yourself.  You rock out pushups and squats with your daddy.

You loathe diapers, which is handy since you're mostly potty trained.  You insist winter boots go with every outfit and you are positive that the only stylish coat is your turtle coat.

You love 'helping' with laundry, dishes, cooking, baking and organizing shoes.  But you won't pick up your books.

You'd love it if we read 50 books to you each and everyday.

You're a rock star puzzle dude.  Pretty sure you can do those puzzles faster than your daddy.

If you could choose your meal, you'd eat blueberries, grapes, raisins and chocolate chips.

You're a delight to your mama and daddy each and everyday (well, except at 2am).  We love you!

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