Living the life I imagined...

Although vacation is nice, there's nothing greater than being home.  Today was the (almost) perfect day, beginning with surprise doughnuts for daddy, while still in our jammies.  Of course, my little helper in the mix. There's a bouquet of daffodils and a fruit and cheese spread left by our dear friend/cat&chicken sitter on the table to jazz up our breakfast (thank you!).

 Next, a special doggie to get re-acquainted with (both missed each other so much), errands (which I could do without), five loads of laundry and house cleaning (eh...could skip this) and messes (which I say I could do without, but I do secretly love his messes).

And then my family outside having snacks and tending the boiling sap, while I'm (mostly) watching from the kitchen window.  Inside, I'm cooking up the last of the spaghetti sauce from the garden, as well as some canned green beans, also from the garden.  Perhaps a bit of a dessert thrown into the oven.  I'm interrupted by a little guy who cries for "mama" for minor tumbles.  A quick hug and off he goes...more snacks to eat and balls to kick. 

Yes, this is the life I imagined I'd live.  I must hold onto these pictures, as I know it can all change in an instant.  These are the memories worth saving.  I'm thankful for moments like these.



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