More Thrifted Finds

My most recent thrifting adventures turned out with some great deals.  

Wooden stacking farm blocks $2.00.  
Two books:  $0.50 and $0.25.  
Four balls of wool yarn $1.00.  
Pair of wool socks $0.25.  

Grand total so far...$4.00.  

So far so good in my challenge for keeping my bill around $5.00. Until I saw these hand embroidered 11x17 framed pictures, for $3.00 a piece.  They're obviously very old and in junky frames, but so intricate and I LOVE them.  Pictures don't do them justice. I had to have them.They will be perfect either sewn into pillows for a little girl's bed or in barn board frames in a little girl's room. I just couldn't pass up someone else's handmades. This batch of thrifting...$9.00.  Still pretty darn good.

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