Ditching it all in favor of family time.

Sometimes no matter how we try, time just keeps passing. Passing without a chance to stop and remember what life is all about. I'm thankful my husband suggested we ditch all of our plans for a day in favor of being together as a family. Sometimes connecting is more important than the previously scheduled agenda. We're so fortunate, as where we life is filled with serene areas that are so calming. People flock here for time away. Sometimes admist the hustle bustle, we forget how lovely it is just staying close to home. A day together, the beautiful ocean. Just what we needed.  And about that Oreo Blast Sundae from Dairy Queen?  Well, we needed that too.

Someone is skeptical that there's whales in the ocean, at first, but then very excited to talk to and wave at these beloved whales.

How could one not be more at peace with this serenity?

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