Monogram Wedding Pillow (s)

Weddings, weddings and more weddings.  It's wonderful to see good friends of mine find just the husband they are looking for and then seal the deal with rings.  Marriage has been the biggest blessing in my life, it makes me so happy so many of my friends have experienced the same joy.

Now, it would be much, much easier to slap a check in an envelope to congratulate, and I know no one would complain about that sort of gift.   But to me, a wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration that deserves handmade attention. 

I decided to create monogrammed pillows.  His first initial.  Their last initial.  Her first initial.  Then in the bottom, I embroidered "est. 00/00/0000"...their wedding date.  If the bride didn't change her last name, I'd do his first initial.  The '&' sign.  Her first initial.  All were well received and appreciated.  "How to" is listed at the bottom.

Posted by PicasaHow I made these (I know there's oodles of ways, this is how I did it)....

1) Choose a font you like on Word.  The middle letter I increased to fit a full page.  The smaller letters I increased so there were two on a page, side by side.  Print.

2) Trace onto double sided fusible interfacing.  Adhere to the fabric of choice with an iron.  Cut out letters.

3) Place letters on pillow fabric.  I left 1 1/2 inch border between the letters and the inside seam, 2 inch border for the outside edge and 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Grand total was 4 inches of fabric around the letters.  Cut fabric top.  Iron letters on.  Finish letters with zig zag stitch.  

4) Hand embroider "est." and wedding date on front right corner.

5) Cut backing the same size as the front.  With right sides together, sew front to back pillows together along edges, remembering to back stitch, using a 1/2 inch seam.  Leave a 3-4 inch gap at the bottom for stuffing.  Sew 2 inches in from the last seam you just did, leaving the same size gap at the bottom.  Turn right side out.  Press.  Top stitch 1/8 from edge, making sure you leave the same size gap at the bottom.

6) Stuff the pillow.  Finish the seams by hand or I ended up using  a zipper foot, which worked well.

I'd love to see your finished projects if you give it a go! :)

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