Witnessing the bond with daddy...

Now, in writing this, I first must preface by saying that I'm not complaining.  I am truly grateful my husband and I have worked our our schedules to be opposite, so we do not have daycare.  However, with having opposite schedules, we rarely get to co-parent.  Many days, we have 15 minute transition times between work shifts or the nights my husband is off, his martial arts training.  Seven nights a week, I fly solo.  Unfortunately, with my husband's crazy schedule, he's almost always working 48-56 hours.  Boo.  Between schedules, commitments, and exercise, we have only a few precious hours a week as a family of three.  And most often, when we both are home, I assume the baby responsibility and let my husband relax, just because I like to.
But, the awesome part of vacation is we had a whole week to be together and parent together! I had so many opportunities to watch the two of them together.  It's fun to be a fly on the wall! Now, I know my husband is an awesome dad, but getting to experience the strong bond my son and husband have together, it's just magical.  It's a bond like none other.  Daddy teaches things that I wouldn't think of.  They rough house in a way I do not.  They do push ups and squats together.  They both have interesting dance moves.  They have these unique beat-boxing tunes they sing together.  They think farting is hysterical. They laugh at a lot of things I do not find funny. Again, a different way from mama and baby...but it's oh so magical to witness the bond. 

Here's some of what I captured.  My little guy is so fortunate to have a daddy who loves him so.  And I'm so fortunate to have a true partner in parenting, whom I love.

I can't wait to see this daddy with his little girl.  Twice the fun! :)

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