Basket Cover: March

I've been working on that big project I set for myself-making a basket cover to display and then store books month by month.  I need to do something to organize the hundreds of books I have!  Seriously, I have tons...I've been collecting since high school.  Anyway...
 Here's the cover from:
On to March....
First of all, we don't have a plethora of St. Patrick's day books, so what to put in the March basket of books?  The story goes back to when we were deciding which month to elope back when we were engaged.  We picked March, as there's nothing that goes on in March that's exciting in our lives.  In Maine, there's usually either dingy snow that you can't do anything fun with or it's mucky, muddy and cold.  It's the month where winter's just about gone, but spring hasn't quite arrived.  We thought it would be a great anniversary month, at least something to look forward to in March.  I remember when I suggested this to my husband and he agreed we should get married in March.  He said "March is a bear anyway".  There's the inspiration. Here's the cover.  A friend made our little guy that cute little bear...isn't he cute?!
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