Oh my, oh my, oh animals!

Sometimes having pets is just one more thing.  In the morning when both kids are wanting milk, the coop door needs to be open, the dog needs to go out and the cats want their breakfast. Take care of all that and find a hairball to clean up, notice a dog who tracked muddy tracks through the house and discover that all the chickens got out.  And then at the end of the day, both kids are sleeping and I breathe a deep breath of accomplishment...and I remember I never shut the coop door.  Up I go, as I don't want that darn bear to come back and eat these chickens of ours.

But, if you asked me if I'd consider not having animals, I'd say absolutely not.  Little critters are another one of those things that makes a house a home.  To watch my children love their animals, talk about their pets and see the reciprocity of the pets loving them back...well, it's all worth it.  So worth it that we're considering adding more to the pack.  Time will tell...

Today, I'm thankful for our pets.  
They're a huge part of our kids' lives and I'm thankful for their gentleness and loyalty. 

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