My Little Artist

Yesterday's post  got me thinking about how much I love the art work kids do.  As in I can't get enough of it.  I love seeing the world through their eyes.  I love the intricate details and the lack thereof at times too. Once the language comes along to adequately describe the masterpieces, well...I could sit there all day creating and listening about the creations.

I'm wondering if my little guy has inherited some craftiness from me.  We have been attending VBS this week.  The youngest class is the preschool class and it includes kids up to kindergarten age.  Although he's not quite two and doesn't always sit still in a room of toys, that's the class he's been in.  The teacher wondered if it would be too much for him.  I suggested we could try.  Well, this little guy sat the longest out of everyone when putting bingo dots on a paper heart. When he was finished, he turned it over to start fresh.  His attention span was longer than mine for that particular project.  
 I'm hoping this interest in creating continues.
We spend quite a bit of time on our porch with our easel. Usually we're drawing trucks, but with our current interest in finding caterpillars and making caterpillar houses, caterpillars were the request.  I made the body.  He spent about 10 minutes talking to that caterpillar and drawing the legs.  This must be a fast caterpillar with all those legs.  

I just couldn't erase it.  Not only am I a fan of his art, I'm a fan of my little proud artist too.

I'm excited to see what creations will come.
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