Embracing: A Change of plans

I've been working on getting back in shape.  Which, although necessary in my book, it's not much fun right now.  I've been trying to alternate a more intense-ish workout one day with a brisk walk the next. We set out to the beach as a family one evening, somehow forgetting a carrier/stroller for our oldest.  My husband said "Maybe he'll just walk with us".  Which, this is what our walk looked like:

 Which turned into this:

And then this:

And then this: 

 I must admit, I was initially a bit annoyed at the change of events. I was there to exercise. But, seeing this sweet boy have the time of his life and hearing his squeals of excitement...well, a walk didn't seem so important any longer.  For I was right where I belonged...watching and enjoying my oldest,  

With a baby girl snuggled tight to my chest. Laughing with my husband.
The agenda my son had planned was far superior to my idea of a relaxing evening.

 It was sad leaving...
But I have a feeling this family of four will be returning soon, agenda free.
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