Overproduction...For Sale Perhaps?

Lately, I've been struggling between being a minimalist and living simply and making too much stuff.  Really, does my baby girl need four aprons?  They're cute and all, but we don't need so many.  So then I think I'll just keep them for gifts.  But I don't know four little girls who are going to be having a birthday anytime soon.  I used to spend so much of my time doing custom work, but since kids, I no longer do so...which apparently frees me up to mass produce random things that I like.

 I asked a friend about opening an etsy shop and she suggested just posting them on my blog.  I haven't sold anything in ages, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I'm also going to add a tab up top with for sale stuff.

Or maybe we need to keep having more kids so I'll have more of a need for aprons?  That's an option too.

Child Sized Aprons $15 +s&h

 Bags $12 +s&h
Trick or Treat Bags $12 +s&h

 Doll Blankets/Table Runners $12 +s&h
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