A sweet girl and her new quilt...

I had planned on keeping my quilt sharing in successive order.  However, I cannot wait to show you this quilt.  Because I love it.  And she loves it too, I'm sure of it.

 A friend had given me this pile of vintage pre-cut quilt squares.  I much enjoyed the soft pinks, but I have held onto them for some time, not sure what to do with them.  After our little angel was born, I tried to lay them out and discovered there was enough to do a "Trip Around the World" pattern.  At this point in my quilting adventures, the pattern is very basic.  I was brainstorming how to embellish it when I spotted one of our dragonflies (read about them here and here).  How fitting...our first year having dragonflies is the year she was born.

 I machine appliqued the dragonflies and hand embroidered antennae.  Then hand quilted.

Here she is pictured in the dress that was mine as a child and my mom saved for me.  A special gift, indeed.

Perhaps someday my little girl will be giving her little ones this quit.
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  1. And maybe the dress will make it too! So precious! This is such a wonderful gift to pass down. Tearing up, Jackie!



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