Insulated Tote (DIY instructions)

When leaving the house with you find yourself turning into a bag lady?  I sure do.  What's challenging in these summer months is something handy to keep cold stuff cool for a bit of time.  So...I made a stash and go insulated tote out of my scraps. 

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How to DIY:

Front and back:  10 in squares; of each outside square; batting and then wipable fabric.
Sides and bottom:  6 in x 10 inch rectangles; of each outside square; batting and then wipable fabric.
Straps:  20 in x 1 1/2 inches
Leather to make loop

1) For the front, back and sides, place pieces together in this order:  Batting, wipable fabric, patterned fabric right side down.  Stitch top edge.  Flip over, press and top stitch. (When you do the front panel, make sure the straps are pinned in between the wipe able and pattern side.  When doing the back panel, make sure you add the straps and leather button loop between the wipeable and patterned side).  Baste edges of the other three sides. 
2) Stitch Front and back to sides, right sides together.  Finsh edges.
3) Baste all three layers together of bottom section.  Sitch in place.  Finish edges.
4) Add button.

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