Apple Picking 2012

When I was a kid, apple picking was piling in my dad's pickup truck.  He'd drive around the fields, stop at apple trees, we'd shake the tree.  Whatever ended up in bed of the pickup, we'd make into apple treats.  I had never been apple picking at an orchard until I met my husband.  Although we have apple trees in our yard, picking a few from an orchard is now a fall must. Here's 2011.

Here's the view on the way to the orchard. 

And here's the orchard.  Stunning, isn't it?! 

Watching our 2 year old have the time of his life picking with his daddy, having a baby snuggled close to my chest, apples snapping and squirting with each bite, breathing crisp fall air, and enjoying the warm sun.  Perfection.

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  1. We love Giles so much that we're headed back again this weekend (depending on the weather!) We also make a stop at the Norte Dame bakery and now on the list is that market in Waterboro :)



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