Our two year old...


Posted by PicasaWas it really 6 months ago that I was writing about you being 18 months?

And now you're two.  How marvelous it is to have a two year old.

It was a big change having your sister arrive, but you love her to pieces.  You introduced her as "outa belly Audra" for the first month of her life. You wake her up with your kisses at all the (in)appropriate times.

You love toys with pieces.  Many pieces, which you line up, sort by color and transport them from bucket to bucket.  And then you desperately want help when it's time to clean them all up.

You count like this 2-3-4-5-6-2-9.  When we ask you how old you are, you sometimes say 2, but other times you assert with conviction that you're 5 or 6.

You love books, particularly tractor books and books with kangaroos in them. You think Roos belong in  your pocket, for which you often have one riding around with you.

You go through phases when tails are necessary and when they're not required.  When you do have a tail, you get complimented wherever we go.

You're super into colors.  You want a blue bunny.  You love pointing out what's "green (like) pap's shirt".

When you really want to eat and we're taking our time to pray, you say "Jesus please AMEN".

You are excellent with the potty, but we have to watch where you  drop your drawers.  You have no qualms about peeing in public, which we hope won't get you a ticket.

You're (too) helpful around the house.   You request to bake all.the.time.  If you could, you'd sneak your own chocolate chips, just like your daddy.

Running is still your preferred mode of transport.  You run fast like Uncle Matt. "Run fast Matt". When you do get your license, we imagine your first vehicle will be a tractor.  A tractor with wagons and such to hitch on.

You sing Old McDonald (yaya yaya o), shakey egg and the Firetruck Song.  We hope someday "truck" will sound a bit clearer, particularly when you talk about them loudly in church.  People think we're teaching you bad words.

Speaking of bad words, we're trying to teach you to add the V in VBS.  People wonder about your parents when you holler B.S.

If you're in the mood to call someone, the calculator is always a handy phone.

You'd love if we would serve you french fries, "camelope" (aka cantaloupe) and chocolate chips for every meal.  You'd offer us your portion of broccoli though.  How generous.

In your bed, there's quite the crew and you notice if someone is missing.  Teddy, "lobst" (lobster), big teddy, pooh, Pirate Pete, Captain Stubble, parrot (lots of mama made!).  Perhaps someday you'll be a good sleeper.  We're keeping hope.

My very favorites are how you greet me by saying "Hi sweet mama!" and  when we ask if you love mama or if you love dada, you smile and affirm "Yes, I do!".

We love you too, our big boy.  We love you to pieces. 


  1. he sounds absolutely precious! enjoy this age, it's one of my faves :)

  2. Isn't two wonderful? I would miss my own two year olds if so many of the children I work with were not also two. And also if I didn't get occasional snap-shots like this!



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