"Mama, rock"

This is a combined project that was completed ages ago (as in when I was in high school). I think it was my mom's grandmother's chair...or my great grandmother's chair.  My dad stripped and refinished the wood and I covered the cushion and made the pillow. It doesn't look as pristine as it did when I just finished it, as it's been well loved.

But the part I love about it is the history.  How many babies must have been rocked in this very chair?  Plus it has quite a bit of character...as evidenced by the "squeak" as it goes back and forth and the dings and scratches here and there. 

But now, it has even more meaning.  One of the most uttered phrases around bedtime is "Mama rock".  I snuggle in, one baby on each side, their heads tucked under my chin and we rock. We pray, talk about our day and rock.  I sing and we rock.  And I kiss their tiny noggins and rock some more, as I'm just not quite ready to put them either of them down. 

I know everyone always says "Enjoy it, as time flies". 
Put those covers on, snuggle in little ones.   I will rock and rock and rock some more.  This time is too precious to waste.

(Here's the post on the blanket I made.)

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  1. i love this post! i wanted the rocking chair in my mom's house that has been relegated to the never used guest room - my great grandma, great aunt, grandma, and mom all rocked us in it. she wasn't willing to let me use it so i bought one, and each little rocking session is a memory making one :)

    1. Regardless of the origin of the chair, the most important is what happens in it. :)



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