Turtle Birthday Party (Free Templates)

Supplies for Our Turtle Party

Turtle Shirt (Click for Free Template)
 Turtle Birthday Banner(Click for Free Template)
 Turtle Messages on Skewers (Click for Free Template)
Birthday Turtle Softies (Click here for information to make)
Turtle Napkin Rings (Click for Free Template)

 Turtle Plates (Click Here for Template)
Turtle Food: Cookie Cutters Bread Slices

Turtle Carved Watermelon
 Turtle Food: Turtle Cake
Turtle Wrapping Paper (Fingerprints with paint, use marker to finish head/legs on scrap paper)

All this together, with a crown made a very happy two year old.


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  2. Turtle Birthday Party looks outstanding! This theme is rarely used but I think that it is the cutest one. Thanks for the inspirations, I will surely use these ideas for my son’s first birthday bash. Recently finding suitable outdoor event space NYC for the party. If you know about any good locations, please let me know.



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