Spotlight on my Dad: Dumptruck

  A birthday package arrived for our 2 year old.  Inside was a dumptruck.

It joins these other homemade toys from the BOG:
and barn.

And my little guy is elated. "Wow BOG!  Thank you BOG", again and again.

 It's been a great mode of transportation for his "Roos".  He does love his roos.

For a reference, look at the size!
It just so happened that she's sporting a gift from the BOG too.  "Got Milk?"  Plus a sweater set that was mine as a kid. And you can see in the next few shots how blurry her hands and legs are.  She's just going. Not sure where, but she's going.

Our two goofy kids...

Love their BOG and the new dumptruck. 
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