S'mores Bars- A Jackie Original

How have I never shared these before? They're #10 deilsh.  They are a combo of my chocolate chip coconut graham bar recipe, along with misc. stuff left in the pantry.  They were "born" when I was trying to use s'mores stuff up.  They turned out so yummy that I immediately sat down to record what I did.  Now they're a family favorite.

Beware.  If you make them at night and leave them on the counter for a husband to find upon returning from work, they just may be gone when you wake up in the morning.  He thinks a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch square is a one serving.  Can you visualize a 9x9 pan when he has seconds?

S'mores Bars

1 stick butter, melted
1/4 cup bwn sugar
1 egg
1 sleeve graham crackers, crunched
1 cup flour

4 hersheys chocolate bars
1/2 jar of fluff
12 or so marshmallows (or if you're out of fluff, I've done it with 24 marshmallows and no fluff)

Combine butter, brown sugar, egg, graham crackers and flour.  Press 2/3 of mixture in greased 9x9 pan. Place chocolate bars on top of graham layer in pan.  In separate bowl, combine fluff and marshmallows, heat in microwave just a bit so it's spreadable (30 seconds or so).  Spread over graham crackers.  Sprinkle left over graham mixture over marshmallows.

Bake 350 for 25 min.


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  1. Oh I am SO trying this. I bought a bunch of last minute smore stuff, but it's gotten too cold up here for more bonfires. Mmmmmm Thanks Jackie!



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