If you...

If you find a big canister of buttons for $5.00.  Buy it.

(At your own risk).
If you have a pack of stickers, leave them around the house. 
(At your own risk).
If you don't feel like putting your shoes away, leave them out.
 (At your own risk).
If you can't find the cookbook you need, here's why.

If you can't find this little guy, here's why.
If you let someone pick out his own wardrobe to go get chicken food,
 Be prepared for whatever you may get.

I love this boy, and all that comes along with being 2.

1 comment:

  1. He is getting so BIG Jackie! What a fun post, thanks for sharing. I love seeing the similarities and differences in our boys since they are essentially the same age. He's just so darn cute and quite photogenic I might add.



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