Fall Strolls...

The back fields get little use in the soggy spring. We tend not to trek back there when the hay is over my kids' heads come summer.  But fall?  It's the best place to explore.

 When we find treasures, well, this mama smiles as big as these littles.
 Finding some silky milkweed to spread? One of our favorite pastimes.

 It's funny how tiny our house looks this far back.


With muddy boots.
My oldest far enough away to be an independent farmer, but close enough to hear my call,

A little girl who frequently and randomly kisses my hand as we walk.
Our faithful companion.

And an imagination from both of them,

 It really is a recipe for a perfect time.

 So thankful to have seasons.
 Hopeful to have some more beautiful fall days ahead to enjoy in this great field.

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