"What's in the Woods?"

"What's in the Woods?" The title of our very favorite place for preschool story hour, at Laudholm Farm. A historic farm by the ocean (that our neighbor used to hay when he was a teen), talking about some of our favorite stuff (nature!), with an awesome childhood educator (Miss Suzanne, thank you!). What's not to love?  These story times don't happen often, when they do we always try to go. My kids remember things they learn when they go and talk about it weeks/months later. "Remember the salamander, mama?" "We use magnifying glasses here." "I remember going on a chimpmunk walk here."  It's hard to leave the camera home when we go, it's one of my very favorite places to take their pictures.

I hope you enjoy coming along to story time with us.


 I can't think of a better way to learn. Thank you Miss Suzanne and Laudholm Farm.

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  1. What a lovely place to learn! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!



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