Fryeburg Fair 2014

Here's last year. Some of those pictures make me melt. Ah, memory lane.

And this year.  We were sneaky. Got them to nap (which was neeeeeded), drove the 1.5 hours to get there.  They woke up at the fair. Happy and excited, yes.  However, when Adrian gets really excited, he get so serious. It was rainy, which means there were not too many people there (which is what I prefer.). We wandered around the animal barns (cows for him, sheep for her, tractors for all) until sunset and then walked through the midway area.  I invite you to come along, there's always something to see at the county fair.



  1. Whoo! That made me tired just watching y'all! So much to see. What a great family adventure. How much do I love that Adrian walks around with his hands tucked behind him. You can tell that he's really thinking about something serious. His own farm someday, perhaps? Thanks for sharing your wonderful outing. Feel free to share this on tomorrow's Maple Hill Hop!

  2. What a fantastic day!!! Thanks for sharing!



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