Mama Made: Halloween Costumes 2014

Remember last year's Halloween Costumes? I made them coats that were costumes.  Turns out to be a fab idea, as Halloween is freezing in Maine and a homemade costume that is a coat gets repetitive use.

Decided to do it again.

This time, bear coats. We decided together they each would be a bear and when they hugged, they'd be "Bear Hugs".  I'm seriously loving this.
Now, the're going to love this.  The basic coat pattern was purchased for a dollar at the thrift store. The fleece fabric was purchased for a dollar at a yard sale. My aunt gave me one of the zippers and all the binding. I did buy a new zipper for $1.15.  Total price? $3.15 for two Halloween costumes/two fall coats.

His is on top (front/back). Hers is on the bottom (front/back).
 Here's his a bit closer.
 Here's hers.
Here's my models:

 "Take my picture, mama!" Gladly.
 (Did you know bingo dots aren't very washable?  Someone had an orange nose for a whole day or two after she checked to see if it smelled good.)

 And here they are living up to their costume name, bear hugs.

I just love the big floppy hood for a costume, which is why I picked the particular pattern.

They cannot wait to wear them for Halloween festivities. I'm pretty excited that they'll be able to wear the coats for oodles of uses after Halloween. There's lots of good things about mama made Halloween costumes/coats. Thankful they'll still let me dress them up.



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