On the list...

After being gone for breakfast and arriving home in time to put my kids to bed yesterday, I'm looking forward to a day at home today. My husband and I are home together for a few hours, which is a rarity.  I am hoping to persuade him to (again) get a load of manure. Loving this farm truck (thanks to my dad!), complete with Maine Farm plates and a "No Farms No Food" sticker (thanks Sara!) and thankful for the jobs that we can do now having it.  Not sure my husband enjoys the to-do list I have since having it, but, you know...putting up with one's wife is a part of marriage, right?
 And of course, do expect a farming helper. Can't do anything remotely farming related without him. He's a good boss. Maybe even a better boss than his mother?  You see him pointing below?
Determined to fix this soil and have a better garden next year.

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  1. I bet it makes a big difference for your garden come spring. It sure is handy having a pick up.



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