Thrifteds and Announcement

 (Another) copper bottom pot. I have my grandfather's vintage set, but figured I'd ad one more. Green linen fabric. Vintage mason jar. American Girl Doll book. Melissa and Doug Caterpillar toy, clothes pins, wooden cutting board, wooden pig puzzle. $6.50.
 Red canvas, blue fabric, a vintage light for sweet girl's room, two "Cow bowls", a vintage metal Tonka truck, another Usborne book (love those with the hidden ducks to find) and an enamel butter scoop (that I have no need for, but wanted). $8.00

And the announcement.  Adrian has a machinery shop. He's most excited about this new adventure. You can go to him if you need to buy parts or if you need advice. Or to just talk farming. It's only open on Tuesdays and Fridays, so mark your calendars. He asked me to take his picture to tell people about it. Apparently he's looking for free advertisement. He's happy to assist you.



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