Thanksgiving Thankfulness

My husband worked on Thanksgiving.  Our neighbors invited us over. With all I had to prepare being rolls, we had some nice downtime prior to the meal.  I told them to 'look sharp', which is a fancy way of saying "No barn clothes". They sported sharp and fancy outfits! 

 (This wasn't staged. I told them to get in the car and found them out here.)

 His fave part of the day? Apple desserts.

Her fave was using the phone someone let her borrow. 

Thankful to have friends who take us in on a day my husband was working. It turned out to be a great Thanksgiving.


  1. Good neighbors are such a wonderful gift. Your Wee Ones look mighty dapper! Hope your hubby was able to celebrate the day after.
    Love the new header.

  2. Great shots and good for you to have a bit of a break :)



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