At play

Goodness, how they play. It's so different. He organizes everything.  Here he collected some of his cow possessions and set up a store. I can buy whatever I want, only all I can do is hold it for a little bit of time before I have to give it back.

She is entirely different. She likes to heap things in the center of the room to what looks like a colossal mess to me.  She then creates something elaborate and wonderful out of the chaos.  Here she had all of her children she was caring for, she was the mama.

Reminds me of this quote: "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

I just love how their personalities are so different and they each create some wonderful play how they know best. No way is better or worse, but each is entirely perfect for them. 

Children need the freedom to play and adults need to look in and smile at their creations.  It does a heart good.

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