My husband was talking nonsense yesterday.  He was saying something about having enough stuff from the thrift store and I didn't need to keep going.  Nonsense, I tell you. Of course I need this stuff. Okay, maybe not need, but I big puffy heart these lots.

 Two small, two medium and one larger piece of transferware, a waterbottle that looks new and actually fits in my son's John Deere lunchbox (priorities), a bit and bridle shirt (yee haw), a fabric waterproof mattress cover (which I had in the wash at that moment) and that shrinkydink packet.  $4.50.
Two vintage aprons, ballet shoes, The Cookie Thief book (which *must* be written about my husband), three, yes THREE, yards of camo and a silly sandwich book for work (speech therapists can always use another little something for working on those /s/ sounds!). $4.25

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