Three Years

The anniversary date of the purchase of this farmhouse/farm came and went without us even noticing.  (Announcing post here.)I think "How can that be!" in one thought and then in another, I think that this place is so much our home that it's hard to think of the time when we did not live here. 

Three years ago, we were working on buying this place while I was on maternity leave, with two kids under the age of two.  I had just returned back to work from maternity leave and we signed on the line and this became home.  It was a dream. It is a dream.  Everyday little things about living here remind me of this dream that is our reality. We are so fortunate. 

Those early moving days went buy in such a flurry. My husband kept having these crazy 16 hour overnight shifts and I was running on empty. My littles didn't like to nap simultaneously.  I remember trying to get at least one to sleep in the car so I could pack the car up and then jet to the other house and unload as much as possible before someone woke up. I remember crying when my dad came for Thanksgiving and packed up all my crafting stuff, without even complaining about how much crafting stuff I owned.  He was so helpful and a huge weight was lifted once the majority was over here. What a stressful time.

I was just looking back at pictures from those early days. I didn't have a chance to really appreciate all that was happening at the time, but I look back now with love and appreciation.  It was a crazy time, yes, but a step that needed to happen in order to get us to where we are today.

I also learned something else from that move.  I learned that I'm never moving again.  Ever.



  1. Wow. Three years seems like such a short time, unless as you feel, it's your forever home. What a blessing to have found your spot in this world at such a young age. Continued blessings...

  2. I feel the same way about moving! :) Yay for three years and having your forever home!



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