Christmas 2016 Re-cap

 It was a good one!

- My kids really enjoyed shopping for each other.
- How they kept a secret and their gifts to one another were surprises.
- How they decorated the tree with many of their homemade decorations.
- That I let go of my 'no waste' Christmas and let them wrap presents with wrapping paper I thrifted.
- That my dad surprised us and traveled to us for Christmas.
- How Adrian couldn't fall asleep the night before because he kept hearing Santa's bells.
- How my kids are convinced Santa is real because mama would never buy all the junk food in the stocking.
- That my kids wanted to watch me open my gifts first...before they even opened their own!
- That he was and is so excited over his Paw Patrol water bottle. He doesn't even know what Paw Patrol is, but asked for something Paw Patrol since he noticed some friends wear Paw Patrol.  She is most excited about all the sparkly stuff and wants to paint everyone's toes with sparkles.
- Family matching 4-H shirts.
- Believe it or not, only a few of these gifts were from us.  Our extended family- very generous-thank you! Clearly I didn't buy all those Cheese Balls!

Overall, Christmas with a 4 and 6 year old is very magical!

It was a good one!


  1. What wonderful memories you're making! Than you for sharing your family with us

  2. Love how your kids are as grateful for clothes as for toys.
    Happy New Year Lipsky family!



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