Merry making...we've done a lot of it lately. For pretty much a week, these kids have been home (with either my husband or me) because my oldest was quite sick. They have certainly gotten into the holiday spirit.  More so than many other years. Not that I want a repeat of illness,but maybe I do want a repeat of cancelling activities in favor of staying home during the holiday season.  While there's quite a bit we missed out on because we stayed home, there's also so much we have been able to do. Musical Christmas carols, crafts (many from an interesting vintage craft book), making cards/decorations, making treats, reading Christmas books on repeat...

It's so fun to think we have a full week ahead of more merry making opportunities!  It's tempting to think of where we could go/what could we experience.  There's so much to do where we live!  Looking back on what we experienced this past week at home, I don't think we need to go anywhere to get into the full Christmas spirit.  We have all we need right here at home.

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  1. Glad he's feeling better. "There's no place like home for the holidays", as the song goes. Your decorations are so festive. Enjoy!



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