Going into Christmas Eve...

Going into Christmas Eve, we definitely will have a white Christmas.  Which we clearly did not last year (I have to dig out pics from our 60 degree days).
I'm limiting the grapefruit so they don't eat it all before Christmas day.  (They LOVE grapefruit, like me. My great aunt used to send us a citrus box for Christmas and I'd devour the grapefruit. My dad used to set limits on how much I could eat!  My aunt used to give me the ones her family didn't eat...which I would hide so I would be the one to eat them.  Clearly we have grapefruit love.  And we live in the wrong state for grapefruit love.)
Cinnamon rolls are prepped.
 My good enough attempt at a selfie and two excited kids. And a rabbit. Oh, that rabbit....
And look what the cat dragged in!  A complete surprise to have my dad, the BOG (Bald Old Grandpa) join us...his first Christmas in Maine! It's going to be a good Christmas!  Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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