Handmade Mitten Surprise

Look at my kids' new handmade mittens!
 Now for the good part... the story that made me smile.

I was at my husband's family's Christmas Eve/Hanukkah party. My dad stayed at our house.  While he was at our house, a woman arrived with gifts she made for the kids. She said that we wouldn't know her, but she was a friend of a friend and had made a special gift for our kids. My dad said he noticed right away that the mittens were specifically made for them...given the John Deere ones for Adrian and the Rabbit ones for Audra. The kind woman met my kids at the draft horse plow day we went to (which if you haven't seen the pics from that day, they are here...and they are some of my most favorite pictures of the year!) and as my kids were visiting person to person gathering treats, she had traced their hands on a paper plate so she knew the sizes to make. What a delightful surprise!  Such kindness!

My kids both LOVE them. In fact, they haven't worn any other mittens since they arrived.

 Thank you so much, Beverly, for such a lovely surprise!


  1. That absolutely makes my heart sing.

  2. Wow! The kindness of strangers! I know they will pay it forward.

  3. These mittens look so adorable. It was very thoughtful of the woman to remember your kids and knit these mittens. Glad to see the kids are enjoying them



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