We're decked...2016

For the first time in ages, I had nothing to do with the Christmas tree. I didn't pick it out, cut it down, put it up or decorate it.  Which means the carefully picked out/organized/designed tree decor is a thing of the past for now.  Which is okay, truly.  It's their tree and they have been really enjoying making it their own.

Just about everyday, they have been creating a new ornament for the tree.

And those presents...just about all the presents under the tree are presents they purchased....for each other/other people. I brought the kids to two holiday bazaar/holiday sales, filled up zippered pouches with quarters and let them go.  I am beyond impressed with what they got and how thoughtful they are.  Audra got Adrian a book about tractors, a tractor, a cow ornament, legos and a T Rex shirt.  Adrian got Audra a pink ball, a craft kit, a picture book of Charlotte's Web (her fave) and a sparkly ornament.  And really, except for one new thing, the rest of their budget was $4.00 in quarters for each other!  You think thrifting success runs in the family!?
I have had years of no waste Christmas success with all my cloth reusable gift sacks.  Pretty proud of myself. But, my kids wanted to wrap. Wrap everything. I let them buy all this wrapping paper at the thrift store...fifty cents a roll....and my we have an assortment.

 Not sure if there's any room left under there for presents come Christmas Eve, but it does fill my heart with happiness that thus far they have really embraced the giving.
 And so, Christmas 2016, we're ready!


  1. It's so impressive that your kids buy for each other. And put so much thought into it. I think they've got the right idea! Beautiful tree!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! I hate the trees in the lots, they have to beat them into submission to attain that thick growth and it's difficult to tuck ornaments inside

    Merry Christmas



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