Keeping it Real: Christmas 2016

Yesterday I posted the best of the best from our little photo shoot. (See here).

Just to keep it real....I thought I post the reality of how the shoot actually went, just so you can see that I bribed and begged and didn't get full cooperation consistently.  These are the not so picture perfect for holiday card shots, but the ones that really encompass the quirky personalities I love so much.

And so I bring to you the "Mama, you are driving me crazy" takes....

 Do you see that? One in tears, the other one laughing at the one in tears. Keeping it real, folks.

 We wish you a Merry Crazy Christmas!


  1. Real works for me! Hope y'all have an amazing Christmas!

  2. You are truly blessed to have such photogenic children!

    Merry Christmas



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