Doing what they do

One of the most pleasurable parts of really getting to know kids for me is finding out their loves. Not just my kids at home, but my kids at work. I love the individuality, discovering passions, finding those interests.  I had one kiddo at work once who was SO into horses. I remember her mom saying "I am clearly not someone who has any interest in animals, but I find myself becoming a frequent attendee at the barn."  I bet that little girl is still riding today.  I've had kids at work into all sorts of things trains, babies, sharks, fashion, building things, dinosaurs, etc.  My kids? I have a little girl who loves painting, glitter, cooking/baking, caring for animals and sparkles.  I have a son who has a true passion for farming and farming machinery, loves overalls, and takes a lot of pride in his free hand drawing pictures/making books.

As I look at my calendar and all that is scheduled during this busy holiday season, I want to be mindful of these interests so we can make time to do what they love.  

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