My little 4-Hers

We just had our annual 4-H Fall Fest. (Which my husband, a football dude growing up who doesn't quite get the 4-H thing, compared Fall Fest to football Homecoming.  Pretty much.)

We are so fortunate to be a part of a really, really awesome club.  We were all surprised a little extra at the award night because all the club members in our club got an extra community service award in addition to our typical annual award.  The presenter said "We have extra awards this year, as these kids do a lot of service."  Isn't that just the icing on the cake?  I tell you, we have a really awesome group of kids.  

Oh those pesky project records become the best scrapbooks after they are finished.

 I was allowed to take pictures of Audra and her classes (holiday garland, candy crafts and holiday centerpiece) at Fall Fest, but wasn't allowed to take pictures of Adrian (wildlife, woodworking and robotics). (Am I the embarrassing mother already?!  Apparently).

 My little crafty creation (doll/stuffed animal sized blanket, pillow and book to go with thrifted couch) was a hot item at the penny auction.

Luck to be a part of 4-H.
 It's nice filling our home with their creations.

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