Due date!

Helloooooo 40 weeks!  Happy due date to me!  (Due date not to be confused with delivery date...for me at least.  Still pregnant and hanging in there!)

It's a good thing I tend to have late babies, as this time around, we're not as prepared as we could be.

What have we done?

The 3rd carseat is IN the car. Phew.
Baby carriers are out.  
Cloth diapers have been stripped and sorted, all ready to go.
I found/washed the baby changing pad.
I have washed exactly 3 nightgowns and nothing else.   (To do: Wash more than an hour's worth of clothes).

And that's it.

I know.  Time is ticking.

It's all up in the attic. We truly have all we need, I just need to organize ourselves to get it done.

But how much do babies really need when they come home? Not much.  I've got my baby carriers and I'm good to go.

Also on the to do list is to pack my hospital bag.

I know.

I should get going on that.

What's been done is my kids are all packed up with their own overnight bags. I try not to look in their overnight bags because who has the energy to argue with all the nonsense things they add to the bag that they supposedly 'NEED' to spend one night at our neighbor's? Take 38 pictures of tractors. Take your collection of clip on earrings. Whatever. I don't have the energy to argue. 

Also finished is the list of animal chores.  We don't need to get help with the chores, as Adrian is old enough to be mighty independent with animal care (as long as someone carries the water for him).

But, since he is a fan of 'paperwork', he made a list to remind himself of all that's needed to be done. While he doesn't need the list given knows what's to be done, he's always, always, always prepared for an emergency.  

Clearly, I could take some hints from his organizational system. 


  1. Maybe she's waiting for warmer weather? ;0D
    You have two wonderful helpers who will assist you once baby is here. So excited for you all. Don't overdo, Momma.
    Continued blessings...

  2. Love your laid- back attitude!!!!!



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