Settling in

Day two home with the five of us, I must say I'm enjoying settling back in to our new normal. I'm thankful my husband has a month more off of work and I will be off of work for 11 more weeks.  We are so rarely home all together, it feels like a treat.  Sweet little Anna-Kate is getting TONS of love and snuggles from her big brother and sister. Constantly. Aside from snuggles, we've been reading a lot, spending time with our animals, being outside, getting dirty and trying to do some teamwork to make some good food.   Our house is a disaster, but better than yesterday, so that's progress.  My body is definitely in recovery mode, so pacing myself with baby snuggles is just perfect to make sure I don't do too much.  Sometimes I think about all I usually do this time of year with the gardens around this property, but this year I won't be doing it "all".  And that's okay.  I've asked for another baby for 4 years now.  Having her close to me is how I want to be spending my days, the garden will be there next year.  These infant days...I'm loving them.


  1. So happy for y'all. Enjoy this bonding time. Looks like you're off to a great start.



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