Maine Sunday Telegram's 2017 Source Sustainability Award "Good Neighbor"

I am so honored to finally officially report the amazing honor I just received.

The Maine Sunday Telegram has a section called "Source" that focuses on sustainability. Each year they give 7 awards entitled the "Source Sustainability Awards". In their words, it's for "Recognizing the people, nonprofits and businesses connecting Maine to its roots and making the state a healthier place to live."

I was quite surprised to get a phone call and this Email announcing I won the 2017 "Good Neighbor" award: 

"Hi Jackie,   Congratulations on your SOURCE Award!  In addition to being featured in the April 9th issue of SOURCE, we hope you and a guest will join us at the SOURCE Sustainability Awards event, where you will be presented with the SOURCE Sustainability Award – Good Neighbor."

I had a hunch who nominated awesome 4-H club!  Such an honor to just be nominated, and I am blown away that I won! I seriously am part of the best 4-H club ever. Seriously. 

 "The Good Neighbor is an individual making a difference on a hyper local scale, enthusiastically sharing what they know with neighbors."  The article is here: Wow.  I am so honored, blessed, humbled.  It's truly an amazing recognition.

We were treated to a delicious banquet and I was presented this handmade bowl, which is truly lovely. My good friend/4-H leader and my husband both joined me. Two days before my due date and a work day...and I didn't go into labor on stage. Phew!


  1. I can't think of a more deserving person. Congratulations! What you do matters, girl.
    Love that the award is something both beautiful and functional.



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