Our Day

I thought I'd post a couple "Our day" posts leading up to the birth of baby #3. I thought I'd have one or two posts and she'd arrive. Here I am heading into 9 days overdue and still posting our days leading up to the birth.

Our day today...

Slept in...all of us!  My littlest non sleeper slept nearly 13 hours!
Homemade granola for breakfast.
He decided to hang the clothes on the line, dry in no time.
Dogs spent much of the day basking in the sun.
Craft time that ended up with black cats with lots of whiskers and cardboard boats on strings.
Kids wanted to sell some bread to earn money for Dairy Queen...so in all craziness, we made 6 loaves of bread and had our roadside stand.
Picnic lunch outside.
While selling the bread, we finished the 12th Boxcar Children book.
Made a fairy house.
Board games and sensory bins on the porch.
Bread sold out! DQ tomorrow (if there's no baby).
Someone forgot to latch the goat pen, so a bit of goat chasing.
Dug up the roots of 4 multiflora rose plants...which was a ridiculous idea, completely unnecessary to do today and wore me out.
Dirty kids all washed up for Easter, baskets placed out.
A bit of blogging, a new magazine and an early bed.

Still pregnant, going into day 9 overdue.  Anytime would be good, baby girl. Anytime.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like gorgeous weather! You are lucky to have such good help!
    Glad you are resting..waiting to hear the new one is here! Take care!



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