Our day


Dress the cat in 10 different outfits
Feast on a big breakfast
Off to church
Send kids to a friends' Easter Egg hunt with my husband while I rest
Charge camera
Visit with neighbor (who brought a delicious dinner, thank you!)
Goats smile and relax in the sun
FINALLY sort and wash baby clothes
Read the paper
Listen to a new audio book with kids (another Boxcar Children)
FINALLY wash and set up the bassinet
Kids and dogs run in the wide open field
Chickens free ranging
30 eggs collected
Snack on chocolate chip cookies my husband made (thank you!)
FINALLY Partially pack hospital bag
Give the big 6 year old the binoculars to watch the deer as the sun sets

STILL PREGNANT AND OVERDUE, but nevertheless, a very good day.

1 comment:

  1. What a productive and well-balanced day. Doesn't look like much resting is going on though. ;0D
    My boy was overdue too. It'll be soon. Enjoy this precious time.



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